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The Gallery can be found at this link; http://.../christymoore

[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) 2012 Christy Moore Declan Sinnott Geoff Ryan London https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2012/10/christy-moore-gallery-added-to-website Fri, 19 Oct 2012 13:28:00 GMT
Sligo Academy Of Music December 2011 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2012/2/Sligo-Academy-Of-Music-December-2011 Here a a few photographs from the Sligo Academy of Music’s annual participation in this carol service.

This has be Sligo’s worst lit venue, Happily terrible lighting can sometimes lead to good results!

Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-213524dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-205008dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-205407dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-214303dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-204811dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-212703dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-204711dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-203019dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-204039dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-221009dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-213137dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-205122dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-213426dw Sligo Academy Of Music December 2012111216-212517dw
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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Choir Orchestra SAM Sligo Academy Of Music https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2012/2/Sligo-Academy-Of-Music-December-2011 Wed, 01 Feb 2012 07:48:33 GMT
Transition to new photo sales website. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/11/Transition-to-new-photo-sales-website After some consideration I am moving my photo product sales website. This will enable direct to client print sales and instant electronic downloads of photographic files.The new website will be an improvement on the old both in terms of photo presentation and ease of use.


I will be uploading many new galleries over the next few weeks so check it out if you have time for some beautiful photographs.

All feedback is most welcome.

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/11/Transition-to-new-photo-sales-website Wed, 16 Nov 2011 09:25:46 GMT
New studio space. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/10/New-studio-space After many many months of work my new studio space will soon be open for business.

At last!

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Portraits https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/10/New-studio-space Wed, 26 Oct 2011 08:43:26 GMT
Cathal Hayden, Martín O’Connor and Seamie O’Dowd in Barry’s Public House https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Cathal-Hayden-Mart-n-O-Connor-and-Seamie-O-Dowd-in-Barry-s-Public-House I really enjoyed doing the sound for these folks last night. Three fantastic musicians playing so tight, it’s a wonderful thing.

They were excellently supported by The JPT Trio, my first time hearing them but won’t be the last. Only a photo of the main act cos my camera was in the van, silly me!


Cathal Hayden, Martín O'Connor and Seamie O'Dowd playing in Barry's Public House, Grange, County Sligo

I will be back for more on Friday the 25th for what promises to be another wonderful night of music and craic at Trad for Trocaire being organised I believe by Steve Wickham check it out here on facebook

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Music Musicians Venues and gigs https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Cathal-Hayden-Mart-n-O-Connor-and-Seamie-O-Dowd-in-Barry-s-Public-House Sat, 19 Feb 2011 12:58:46 GMT
The Irish Power Kite and Sandyacht Association come to Streedagh Beach. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/The-Irish-Power-Kite-and-Sandyacht-Association-come-to-Streedagh-Beach The Irish Power Kite and Sandyacht Association are out in force this weekend at Streedagh Beach, County Sligo. Jackie and Matthew both had a go, matthew was just a wee bit short for the mini buggies but Jackie had great crack and now declares it her new sport. I was taking pictures but will try it out in the future.

Streedagh beach is a perfect place for this activity but unfortunately it is normally not legal on this beach. Allowed in plenty of other places though including Rosses Point.

IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09216dw11 IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09235dw11 IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09264dw11 IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09266dw11 IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09241dw11 IPSKA @ Straide Beachdsc09217dw11 photo by Dickon Whiteheaddsc09278dw11


more info on all aspects of  power kiting and sand yachting can be found here http://www.ipksa.info/

I will return tomorrow for a few more photos hopefully with stronger winds for a bit more drama.

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Clubs And Societies Events Sports https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/The-Irish-Power-Kite-and-Sandyacht-Association-come-to-Streedagh-Beach Sat, 19 Feb 2011 12:27:28 GMT
Walking on Lissadell Strand https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Walking-on-Lissadell-Strand Found this shot during a nice bright spring walk along Lissadell Beach from John’s Port side. It is just a small drain spout emptying onto the beach but looks like venetian glass when frozen with such a high shutter speed. This kept my aperture pretty much wide open with a resulting lack of sharpness in the closer parts of the water. I will take it again and try for a better compromise. Using a Sony A700 in place of the heavier and less walk friendly A900 made focus a bit harder to check before taking the picture.


On another note the erection by the landowner of offensively large keep out notices adjacent to the right of way is an unfortunate degradation of this beautiful area, I will post a few photos of these in a later post so you can see what I mean. I am sure he is within his rights and all that but why?

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Landscape Nature https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Walking-on-Lissadell-Strand Sat, 12 Feb 2011 16:23:26 GMT
Sligo Academy Of Music 10th Anniversary Photographs https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Sligo-Academy-Of-Music-10th-Anniversary-Photographs dsc08515

This photo and many more available to purchase at www.dickonwhitehead.com.

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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Music Musicians https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/Sligo-Academy-Of-Music-10th-Anniversary-Photographs Wed, 09 Feb 2011 10:25:18 GMT
OSGT Sligo Final Pictures now available from www.dickonwhitehead.com https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/OSGT-Sligo-Final-Pictures-now-available-from-www-dickonwhitehead-com dsc08828dw11


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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Music Musicians Portraits https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2011/2/OSGT-Sligo-Final-Pictures-now-available-from-www-dickonwhitehead-com Wed, 09 Feb 2011 10:18:13 GMT
OurSchoolsGotTalent 2010 Mayo Final https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/11/OurSchoolsGotTalent-2010-Mayo-Final Coming to the end of a long day, as the official photographer for OSGT Mayo Final I took about 500 pics last night so today was spent sorting through them all, doing a bit of processing and getting them ready for the OSGT facebook page. You can see the results here of the Facebook candidate images (OSGT will select which ones to use on its FB page). All of these and more are available to purchase from my sales website here.


I love this one, a quite moment while the choir ( from Ballyhaunis Community School) is waiting behind the stage backdrop for their turn to perform. The only illumination here is from the fake stage candles that are extremely dim to say the least but provide a lovely soft glow to this chorister’s face.

Thriller, Balla Community Schooldsc00393dw10

Thriller, Balla Community School

Another favorite from the other end of the peaceful scale, as a member of Thriller from Balla Community College puts in a great performance as a zombie dancer.

949 ]]>
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Music Theatre https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/11/OurSchoolsGotTalent-2010-Mayo-Final Wed, 10 Nov 2010 10:27:10 GMT
Sligo Live, Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Stranglers and others. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Sligo-Live-Mary-Chapin-Carpenter-The-Stranglers-and-others Heres a mixed bag of pictures taken recently mainly from Sligo live but a couple of others for some variety.

SONY DSCdsc04665dw10 SONY DSCdsc5840dw10 SONY DSCdsc5836dw10 SONY DSCdsc5828dw10 SONY DSCdsc5796dw10 SONY DSCdsc5788dw10 SONY DSCdsc5786dw10 SONY DSCdsc5762dw10 SONY DSCdsc5733dw10 SONY DSCdsc5717dw10 SONY DSCdsc5696dw10 Cliffoney Moondsc5692dw10 SONY DSCdsc5686dw10 SONY DSCdsc5673dw10 SONY DSCdsc5652dw10 SONY DSCdsc5641dw10 SONY DSCdsc5616dw10 SONY DSCdsc5587 SONY DSCdsc5583dw10 SONY DSCdsc5551 SONY DSCdsc5500dw10 SONY DSCdsc5483dw10 SONY DSC
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[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Music Musicians https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Sligo-Live-Mary-Chapin-Carpenter-The-Stranglers-and-others Wed, 27 Oct 2010 08:44:09 GMT
Back with ‘The Raincoats’ https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Back-with-The-Raincoats Working with local theatre company today taking dress rehearsal pictures of their latest production, Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco, hope I don’t get trampled!


Unrelated picture! Matthew watches Titanic Exploration Film.

Opening night details below;

RHINOCEROS by Eugene Ionesco @ The Factory Performance Space, Sligo. October 26th – November 6th. Nightly at 8pm sharp. No shows Sunday 31st or Monday 1st. Booking 00353 (0)7191 70431


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Arts Performance Theatre https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Back-with-The-Raincoats Thu, 21 Oct 2010 01:14:01 GMT
Our Schools Got Talent 10/2/2010 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-10/2/2010 My daughter Jessie took part in this great competition organised by Local promoter Robbie McNab. Unfortunately luck was not with her on the night so she won’t be going through to the next round, but I am sure the experience will be useful to her down the road. Well done to the organisers and to all who contributed. Proceeds from the competition will be donated to The Special Olympics.

Here’s Jessie.

Jessie Sings Bubbly by Colbie Callaitdsc6951dw10

Our Schools Got Talentour-schools-got-talent_std.original
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Music Musicians Sligo Photographer Video Posts https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/10/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-10/2/2010 Sun, 10 Oct 2010 16:57:00 GMT
65s For Burma Concert, National Concert Hall, Dublin https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/6/65s-For-Burma-Concert-National-Concert-Hall-Dublin Tip; select HD On otherwise photos will look fuzzy.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Artwork Slideshow Venues and gigs https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/6/65s-For-Burma-Concert-National-Concert-Hall-Dublin Mon, 21 Jun 2010 16:28:59 GMT
Oxfield Community Centre Committee Funday 7th June 2010 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/6/Oxfield-Community-Centre-Committee-Funday-7th-June-2010 Fair play to all the organizers and contributors this was an event that provided great entertainment for all age groups. At only three euro in it has to have been the best value I have seen in a long time.

Hope ye like the pictures!


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Clubs And Societies Events Slideshow Video Posts https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/6/Oxfield-Community-Centre-Committee-Funday-7th-June-2010 Thu, 10 Jun 2010 06:00:54 GMT
Maugherow Community Games FC halftime pic https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Maugherow-Community-Games-FC-halftime-pic Maugherow Community Games Soccer competitiondsc00499

5 nil up at halftime, final score 8 nil.

Well done lads, keep up the great teamwork.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Clubs And Societies Events Sports https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Maugherow-Community-Games-FC-halftime-pic Fri, 21 May 2010 02:40:05 GMT
Timothy Sheard, author, signing books in Sligo. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Timothy-Sheard-author-signing-books-in-Sligo timothy-sheard-the-book-nest-sligo I met this fella while wandering with camera outside the booknest on saturday afternoon, Timothy’s an author from Brooklyn over for a wedding in Ireland (I was told the location but with my memory…information lost).

Fair play to him he accosted me with the line “is their anyone in your family who might enjoy a suspense novel”, I could not give an outright denial that this could indeed be the the case so he had me hooked.

more about Timothy here; http://www.timsheard.com/index.html


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Portraits https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Timothy-Sheard-author-signing-books-in-Sligo Mon, 17 May 2010 13:37:07 GMT
Carrowmore Archers IFAF shoot, 16/5/2010 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Carrowmore-Archers-IFAF-shoot-16/5/2010 Another archery slideshow for the dedicated few.

Great to meet you all on the day. Pity I shattered an arrow but my lost one returned so not so bad after all!


Carrowmore Archers IFAF Shoot May 16 2010carrowmore-archers-ifaf-shoot-may-16-2010_scruberthumbnail_1
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Clubs And Societies Events Slideshow https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/Carrowmore-Archers-IFAF-shoot-16/5/2010 Mon, 17 May 2010 08:42:09 GMT
School Photos delivered to St.Patricks NS, Ballywheelin, Sligo https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/School-Photos-delivered-to-St-Patricks-NS-Ballywheelin-Sligo Just delivered about 70 packs of photos to my local national (primary) school, Individual, family and class portraits. Unfortunately some absentees on the day made a whole school picture impossible.  I will be back to take that next week and put it straight on the website with a text notification to parents.
Are you a principal or creche owner in the Sligo area?  have a chat with me regarding the advantages of using a local photographer for your class photos.

Here is Matthew my son and member of the school, helping test my lighting settings :-)icon_smile

Matthew, Class Portrait 2010dsc00281-1

Matthew helps set up for school portraits.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/5/School-Photos-delivered-to-St-Patricks-NS-Ballywheelin-Sligo Fri, 14 May 2010 10:23:18 GMT
Things of a floral nature. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Things-of-a-floral-nature I spent a night with the good ladies (well mainly) of the County Sligo Flower Club. I was commissioned to photograph the wonderful arrangements created by Reverend William McMillan. Having done a few minutes research internet research on the gentleman in question it appears to have been quite a coup for the club to get him, well done ladies. Not expecting to be entertained while waiting to take the photos I must say I was pleasantly surprised and regretted not having seen more of the show.

As it turned out all the arrangements I had been commissioned to photograph had been designated as raffle prizes. This provided considerable time pressure on the photo creation exercise as the winners rushed the stage to collect their winnings! it was quickly explained that I would take a few minutes to photograph the creations before they good be taken by their new owners.

Luckily I had arrived armed in typical strobist style with a good ole Metz CT45 wirelessly triggered into a large white brolly on a tall lighting stand with another loose flash optically slaved of that for a bit of extra rim or fill as required. This allowed for fairly fast operation so saving me from the wrath of the Killybegs brigade! (who in fairness had a long drive home).

Here’s a link to Williams website http://www.reverendmac.com/ in case I have piqued your curiosity.


Flower Show Slideshowflower-show-slideshow_std.original
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Product Photography https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Things-of-a-floral-nature Sat, 27 Mar 2010 14:39:44 GMT
Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen………… https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Robin-Hood-Robin-Hood-riding-through-the-glen Heres a slideshow from Mayo Archery Clubs March IFAF shoot, (thats the Irish Field Archery Federation just in case you did not know!) held on the 21st March 2010.

Warning no exceptional photography here so unless you know the people involved or were there it could be really boring! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

“The Happy Archer” by Billy McLoughlin is featured as a soundtrack. Hope you like it.

A still picture gallery is available on my Facebook Page here http://bit.ly/9iXpir


Mayo Archery march 2010mayo-archery-march-2010_std.original
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Clubs And Societies Events Slideshow https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Robin-Hood-Robin-Hood-riding-through-the-glen Wed, 24 Mar 2010 10:49:30 GMT
Our Schools Got Talent 3rd Quarter Final Slideshow https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-3rd-Quarter-Final-Slideshow Just back from Christy Moore And Declan Sinnot gigs in the Odyssey, Belfast.

Here’s a few photographs from the night before I left, I missed the fourth quarter final but look forward to the first semi-final on Monday night.

Some good performers have been lost along the way but we should still have some great shows coming up.

As always prints can be purchased here.


OurSchoolsGotTalent 3rd Quarter Finalourschoolsgottalent-3rd-quarter-final_scruberthumbnail_0
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Slideshow Video Posts https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/3/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-3rd-Quarter-Final-Slideshow Sun, 07 Mar 2010 17:03:48 GMT
OurSchoolsGotTalent, Sligo, Second Quarter Final 24/2/10 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/OurSchoolsGotTalent-Sligo-Second-Quarter-Final-24/2/10

All event pictures available to purchase from here.


OurSchoolsGotTalent 24 February 2010ourschoolsgottalent-24-february-2010_std.original
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Slideshow Sligo Photographer Video Posts https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/OurSchoolsGotTalent-Sligo-Second-Quarter-Final-24/2/10 Thu, 25 Feb 2010 08:04:45 GMT
Our Schools Got Talent first quarter final, Sligo Park Hotel, Slideshow https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-first-quarter-final-Sligo-Park-Hotel-Slideshow

Still Picture Gallery available  on my facebook page .


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Slideshow Sligo Photographer Video Posts https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Our-Schools-Got-Talent-first-quarter-final-Sligo-Park-Hotel-Slideshow Wed, 24 Feb 2010 03:59:21 GMT
Aperture 3 https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Aperture-3 aerture-3

This is for any photographers out there considering upgrading from Aperture 2 to Aperture 3.

It is an excellent upgrade;

  • bringing a basic slideshow generator into aperture, not as good as fotomagico but great for quick projects.
  • ‘faces’ could be useful when coupled with smart albums, a quick way to find all pictures containing a particular person within a library of pics.
  • ‘places’ of no interest to me cause I don’t geo-tag pictures, but could be handy for a travel photog.
  • direct facebook publication, but be warned it won’t export to a business page but will only make a new gallery on your personal page- pain.
  • email export plugin still won’t recognise Thunderbird as mail handler, might have to move to apple mail after all-not!
  • delete now moves items into a new Aperture trash can visible in aperture making accidental deletions much easier to rescue.
  • new preset handling is a mixed blessing, all your existing presets are now available but at the top of the adjustment screen not beside the relevant control sliders as dropdown menus as they were previously. All in one place but will take a bit of getting used to. Some useful image adjustment presets now available to give different film effects etc.
  • 64 bit processing means faster data crunching so less hanging around, tips are available elsewhere to enable booting your whloe mac into this mode for even faster processing but beware this will require all your apps to be 64bit compatible, or at least those you intend to use while in this mode. Most apps are not there yet, for example all my Nik Plugins are still all 32 bit.
  • Library switching without an app reboot, this is a real improvement for those of us with more than one image library.

Those are just my positive insights after a couple of days faily solid use. Now for a few warnings and tips;

  • Do not turn on face recognition when importing an old library, it takes a lot of processing to upgrade the library from version 2 to 3, adding the processing required for face recognition at the same time will almost certainly cause system freezes. If you intend to use (or simply want to play) with face recognition, then allow the upgrade process to complete first.
  • on a large library switch on face recognition before going to bed, it will be ready in the morning for you to start naming the faces.
  • when in faces mode name your first face then stop! click on the i next to the face on the corkboard. This will bring up all faces that may belong to the same person. You can then confirm or reject each possible match.
  • Books, I tried this in Aperture 2 but for some reason could not get into it, seems a bit clearer in 3, but more importantly you can now use Album makers export plugins such as Graphisoft etc, this loads their layouts in the Aperture window-excellent!
  • If the books are still opaque to you then consider buying a really good quick guide from here (of no financial interest to me).
  • Back up all your libraries before upgrading, obvious but easy to forget when that nice shiny Aperture 3 box arrives from the Applestore!


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Apple Software Review https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Aperture-3 Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:36:28 GMT
Stars In Their Eyes, Ursuline College, Sligo. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Stars-In-Their-Eyes-Ursuline-College-Sligo Talented pupils from Ursuline College Sligo wait for the judges decision.


Stars In Their Eyesstars-in-their-eyes_std.original
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Events Slideshow https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2010/2/Stars-In-Their-Eyes-Ursuline-College-Sligo Mon, 01 Feb 2010 08:39:43 GMT
New desktop picture at last! https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/12/New-desktop-picture-at-last Sorry for the delay, here’s the next in the series of relaxing natural backgrounds for your desktop or screensaver. Click on the image for a full size view then download to your computer.

Sligo Bay Eveningdickonsdesktoppictures0015

Sligo Bay Evening. Photograph by Dickon Whitehead 2009

Free  to download for personal use.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Desktop Pictures Landscape Nature https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/12/New-desktop-picture-at-last Tue, 08 Dec 2009 15:44:39 GMT
Caroline Clancy Portrait Shoot https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/Caroline-Clancy-Portrait-Shoot Caroline Clancy with Cameradsc3552-version-3-version-2

Caroline Clancy, Videographer Pink Lime Productions. Photograph Dickon Whitehead.

Ok sorry I’ve been a bit busy so this is a delayed posting, there’s a few more in the queue too!

Had a good morning with Caroline creating a few portraits for use on her Linked-In page, we did a few alternatives pictures of which the above is one we both liked.

Caroline is a videographer with over ten years experience producing short films and documentaries, promotional DVDs, event documentations, and unique and stylish wedding DVDs. If you are in the market for a videographer then check out Pink Lime Video Productions.

Her wedding DVDs have been described as delightfully original, innovative in style, and very relaxed in their approach. Here’s a couple of customer recommendations for Caroline;

“Caroline has worked on several arts documentary projects with us. Her creative thinking,…..enabled beautiful work to emerge. In several years of creative work, I have not come across another film-maker in this region with her particular skills” – Maura Gilligan, Writer/ Bealtaine Festival Co-ordinator, Sligo, July 09

We are delighted we asked Caroline to do the recording and hand on heart, feel it was the best money spent on our wedding! “  – Carol & Patrick Carty, June 09

Caroline Clancy, Videographer Pink Lime Productionsdsc3582-version-2-version-2-1

Caroline Clancy, Videographer Pink Lime Productions. Photograph Dickon Whitehead.

I liked this portrait; it shows off a little of Caroline’s fun side and a great pair of Nikes!


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Business Portraits Commercial Photography Portraits https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/Caroline-Clancy-Portrait-Shoot Mon, 23 Nov 2009 11:01:27 GMT
Desktop pictures. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/Desktop-pictures Summer Flowersdickonsdesktoppictures0021

Try this to brighten up your computer! click on image, wait for it to load full size then right click on it to save to your computer, easy!

Free to use or republish for non-commercial use provided the watermark is retained. Available to license for commercial use.

To use as a desktop picture or screensaver on your mac;

1) store file in a sensible place (such as in a folder called desktop images perhaps in your pictures folder).

2) open system preferences.

3) open desktop/screensaver preferences.

4) click on + below left pane “screensavers”

5) navigate to and select the folder you created to store your new desktop pictures in.

6) set options (under pane “preview”) as required, these include panning and zooming effects and time of inactivity until start of screensaver.

7) close window.

On windows……er sorry……. if you can’t figure it out leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Desktop Pictures Nature Plantlife https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/Desktop-pictures Wed, 04 Nov 2009 07:41:52 GMT
In Rehearsal With…………… https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/In-Rehearsal-With Kellie Hughes091028_11765dw

Kellie Hughes as The Good Fairy in At Swim Two Birds

I have spent some hours with The Blue Raincoat Theatre company during recent rehearsals for At Swim Two birds, here are some of the images I captured in that time.

I have presented these as a HD video slideshow, there is no soundtrack so don’t go looking for it!

Unless you have a fast internet connection watching in fullscreen with HD turned on is probably not a good idea….it could take a while.

This production will run from Nov 3rd – Saturday 15th, 2009. (Excl 8th & 9th) at The Factory, Sligo

Check out the details at http://www.blueraincoat.com/AS2B.html


Blue Raincoat Theatre Companyblue-raincoat-theatre-company_scruberthumbnail_0
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Slideshow Theatre https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/11/In-Rehearsal-With Sun, 01 Nov 2009 07:05:24 GMT
Holiday Romance with Sarah and David! https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/10/Holiday-Romance-with-Sarah-and-David Sarah commissioned me to take some photos of herself and her husband, David, on the day of their first wedding anniversary while on holiday at Markree Castle. These people know how to keep love alive! I expanded the remit and took them on a whistlestop tour of some of what Sligo has to offer. Their time was restricted in Sligo and I did not want to leave them to the mercy of the Sat-Nav sight-seeing system!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Sara and David 0007sara-and-david-0007 Sara and David 0006sara-and-david-0006 Sara and David 0005sara-and-david-0005 Sara and David 0003sara-and-david-0003 Sara and David 0002sara-and-david-0002 Sara and David 0001sara-and-david-0001



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Anne Louise O’Donovan Portrait Shoot https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/10/Anne-Louise-O-Donovan-Portrait-Shoot I recently had the pleasure of working with Anne Louise to provide her with a suitable portrait for business use. If you are in need of an accountant for assistance or tax advice Anne Louise appears to be the person to talk to.

I met Anne Louise at an open coffee event here in Sligo, where she was giving a presentation – ‘October 31st Tax Deadline - Removing the Annual Dread (Tax tips for self employed and PAYE workers – removing the “fear”, getting organised, reducing your tax bill)’, despite being fairly well experienced in this area I still came away with some useful information which will save some money this year. My experience with accountants has not always been this good!

Business Portrait  of Anne-Louise Oblog-sizeddsc2815

Business Portrait of Anne-Louise O'Donovan.

Anne Louise is currently working on a new business plan to be launched in January. A Chartered Accountant and Qualified Tax Adviser by trade, she will offer Finance, Accounting and Taxation Advice, Mentoring and Training to clients with a specific focus on the Creative sector and Start Up businesses.

She has used this portrait for her Linked-In profile and will use a larger picture for her website which is currently under construction.


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Free desktop pictures coming soon. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/10/Free-desktop-pictures-coming-soon

A place to forget all problems.brussels1

A place to forget all problems.

I still have to work out the technicalities* for this one, so this is a statement of intent not delivery.

If this idea works out you should soon be able to download a free desktop picture once a week or so to brighten up your computer screens.

If you happen to know the best way to do this do let me know via the comments.

*(we are pretty good at technicalities here so don’t worry it will happen, at this very moment a phalanx of our best engineering staff are working 24/7 to solve this thorny dilemma)


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Michael Wann and a few address labels. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/9/Michael-Wann-and-a-few-address-labels Michael Wann and studio, 2009michael-wann-and-studio-2009

Michael and studio, 2009

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with Michael Wann, an artist who lives in our locality. Michael needed his work photographically documented for inclusion in promotional media and as a personal record. I also took the opportunity to produce a portrait of Michael in his working environment.

cruder forms existcruder-forms-exist

cruder forms exist from the outcrop series

Michael Wann 2008, pencil and wash on canvas on mdf. 40.5 by 43 cm.

Michael has been good enough to allow me to reproduce his pictures on this site, but remember this medium gives only a small hint of the original artwork . To experience the originals you will be well advised to view his forthcoming exhibition at Sligo Art Gallery, opening on Friday the 9th of October and continuing until the 31st of October. The artworks are largely pencil and charcoal on canvas.

Once a Dwelling 8once-a-dwelling-8

Once a Dwelling 8

Michael Wann 2008, charcoal and wash on canvas, 101.5 by 91.5 cm

The address labels? Michael originally came to me for assistance with printing a mailing list (successfully) and that led onto photography. Odd how these things work.

Michael Wann


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Sharon’s Birthday Party 2009, Ellen’s Public House, Maugherow, Sligo https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/9/Sharon-s-Birthday-Party-2009-Ellen-s-Public-House-Maugherow-Sligo Ok I have posted this slideshow on the recommendation of a friend. Before you watch it let me just say that most of these pictures were taken by me using a lovely old Olympus OM-1 Film camera still working perfectly after many many years, however unfortunately it was loaded with very out of date kodak film so please forgive the quality of the pictures!

I really enjoyed the night as you can see when I am inspecting the lemon tart!

Like it or not?, Please leave a comment! Really Like it?…..book me to take some photographs!

If you would like to see any of the pictures in the slideshow posted individually send me a message through the comments (or give me a ring!).


Sharon’s Birthday Party 2009-1sharons-birthday-party-2009-1_scruberthumbnail_0
[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) 2009 Ellen's Pub Party Party Pictures Sharon Slideshow Sligo Photographer https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/9/Sharon-s-Birthday-Party-2009-Ellen-s-Public-House-Maugherow-Sligo Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:55:30 GMT
Summer Music On The Shannon Finale Concert Pictures https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/8/Summer-Music-On-The-Shannon-Finale-Concert-Pictures Selected pictures from Summer Music On The Shannon finale concert. This event followed two weeks of intensive workshops and rehearsals for the musicians. Featuring performances by the very international students and staff of the excellent Music on the Shannon course. To learn more click here (SMS website) or here (SMS blog). My daughter Jessie is quite strongly featured in these pictures of course!

090816_7669DSC09997090816_7669dsc099971 090816_7665DSC09995090816_7665dsc099951 090816_7663DSC09994090816_7663dsc099941 090816_7657DSC09991090816_7657dsc099911 090816_7655DSC09990090816_7655dsc099901 090816_7653DSC09989090816_7653dsc099891 090816_7651DSC09988090816_7651dsc099881 090816_7649DSC09987090816_7649dsc099871 090816_7645DSC09985090816_7645dsc099851 090816_7639DSC09982090816_7639dsc099821 090816_7637DSC09981090816_7637dsc099811 090816_7635DSC09980090816_7635dsc099801 090816_7633DSC09979090816_7633dsc099791 090816_7631DSC09978090816_7631dsc099781 090816_7619DSC09972090816_7619dsc099721 090816_7617DSC09971090816_7617dsc099711 090816_7615DSC09970090816_7615dsc099701 090816_7601DSC09963090816_7601dsc099631 090816_7597DSC09961090816_7597dsc099611 090816_7593DSC09959090816_7593dsc099591 090816_7589DSC09957090816_7589dsc099571 090816_7587DSC09956090816_7587dsc099561 090816_7579DSC09952090816_7579dsc099521 090816_7569DSC09947090816_7569dsc099471 090816_7565DSC09945090816_7565dsc099451 090816_7299DSC00020090816_7299dsc000201 090816_7293DSC00017090816_7293dsc000171 090816_7287DSC00014090816_7287dsc000141 090816_7283DSC00012090816_7283dsc000121 090816_7279DSC00010090816_7279dsc000101 090816_7271DSC00006090816_7271dsc000061 090816_7269DSC00005090816_7269dsc000051

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Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe play the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/8/Ry-Cooder-and-Nick-Lowe-play-the-Festival-Theatre-Edinburgh This will tell you a little about my musical tastes. We combined a short break in Edinburgh with a great gig and brought back a couple of photos. 090709_DSC07171090709_dsc07171 090709_DSC07175090709_dsc07175 090709_DSC07176090709_dsc07176

It was not a sold out gig so I had some empty seats allowing me to get a few pictures without disturbing anyone, nothing worse than sitting behind a photo eejit who spends an entire gig taking pictures! the music is there for listening too after all.

It was a great gig, with a nice balance of songs shared between Nick and Ry. The kind of shrug from Ry is his impression of Richard Nixon.

Now back to work on my new studio (more about this later).


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/8/Ry-Cooder-and-Nick-Lowe-play-the-Festival-Theatre-Edinburgh Tue, 04 Aug 2009 03:44:26 GMT
Cruise Camp Pictures https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/7/Cruise-Camp-Pictures A few pictures from Cruise Camp networking meeting held last night on board the Moon River cruiser while sailing up and down the Shannon. This continued later in the Landmark Hotel. Kudos to all involved for organising a useful and enjoyable evening.

090730_4567DSC08379090730_4567dsc083791 090730_4569DSC08380090730_4569dsc083801 090730_4573DSC08384090730_4573dsc083841 090730_4575DSC08385090730_4575dsc083851 090730_4579DSC08388090730_4579dsc083881 090730_4581DSC08389090730_4581dsc083891 090730_4583DSC08390090730_4583dsc083901 090730_4587DSC08392090730_4587dsc083921 090730_4593DSC08396090730_4593dsc083961 090730_4595DSC08397090730_4595dsc083971 090730_4603DSC08404090730_4603dsc084041 090730_4605DSC08405090730_4605dsc084051 090730_4607DSC08407090730_4607dsc084071 090730_4609DSC08408090730_4609dsc084081 090730_4613DSC08412090730_4613dsc084121 090730_4621DSC08419 - Version 2090730_4621dsc08419-version-21 090730_4625DSC08421090730_4625dsc084211 090730_4629DSC08423090730_4629dsc084231 090730_4636DSC08427090730_4636dsc084271 090730_4643DSC08431090730_4643dsc084311 090730_4647DSC08433090730_4647dsc084331 090730_4649DSC08434090730_4649dsc084341 090730_4651DSC08435090730_4651dsc084351 090730_4653DSC08436090730_4653dsc084361 090730_4657DSC08438090730_4657dsc084381 090730_4665DSC08442090730_4665dsc084421 090730_4674DSC08446090730_4674dsc084461 090730_4680DSC08451090730_4680dsc084511 090730_4683DSC08453090730_4683dsc084531 090730_4688DSC08455090730_4688dsc084551 090730_4690DSC08456 090730_4694DSC08458090730_4694dsc084581 090730_4701DSC08462090730_4701dsc084621 090730_4703DSC08463090730_4703dsc084631 090730_4707DSC08465090730_4707dsc084651 090730_4719DSC08471090730_4719dsc084711 090730_4729DSC08476090730_4729dsc084761 090730_4745DSC08484090730_4745dsc084841 090730_4751DSC08487090730_4751dsc084871 090730_4755DSC08489090730_4755dsc084891 090730_4765DSC08494090730_4765dsc084941 090730_4776DSC08499090730_4776dsc084991

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Learner Driver. https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/7/Learner-Driver Taking a break between flying lessons!090721_3786dsc07803-2

Taking a break between flying lessons!

Our young wrens are learning to fly and are pretty tame so far, it seems to take them a while to learn to fear humans. Two years ago I had a family of them nesting in my wood workshop, seemingly undisturbed by the sound of the machinery.

I took quite a few pictures of them but picked this one for the blog cos of the lovely background colours. Hope you like it.


[email protected] (Dickon Whitehead Photography) Birdlife https://www.dickonwhitehead.com/blog/2009/7/Learner-Driver Wed, 29 Jul 2009 15:27:15 GMT