Thanks for visiting my web site. I am a photographer, sound engineer, musician, archery instructor and occasional carpenter. Living in the north west of Ireland a multi skilled approach to life can be very useful!

During 2012 I was asked by a local artist to photograph some of his work for submission to an Art Gallery. At the time I knew very little about this particular area of photography but had just enough skill and gear to produce an acceptable result. More importantly I learned that I enjoyed working with artists and seeing their work!

Since then I have researched and developed the very technical skills required for this specialisation along with investments in suitable equipment. I now offer fully colour calibrated workflow with a high degree of efficiency.

What does that mean for you the artist?

Confidence that the photographs produced will be as close a match as possible too your original work. 

An efficient and cost effective service with good turnaround times. Files are normally available to download from this website on the same day of shooting. Files are supplied in multiple formats and sizes to suit your individual requirements. 

Using double polarisation techniques I can shoot through glass when art is already framed. This also eliminates up to 95% of glare from glossy surfaces. This is not always suitable for metallics where a combined multi-shot approach can be taken using both polarised and non polarised images to achieve a good balance of metallic sheen and colour saturation.

With a vacuum easel I can photograph unmounted flat art up to a size just under 8' by 4'. (2.4 by 1.2 metres)

In the main area for mounted work I can manage up to 8' square. But if your work is too big too transport to my studio I can bring my studio to yours. Alternatively I can collect your work in my van, photograph and return it to your studio, (paint and finish must be fully dry and pieces wrapped in bubblewrap to do this safely).

How much does this service cost?

Cost per piece varies depending on; size variation between pieces, if there are any technical challenges in the piece itself and if shoot is for catalogue and web use or for large format reproduction printing.

For example a 10 piece flat art shoot might take 2 hours from receiving the artwork to images delivered via this website at catalogue sizes. This is a guide only due to the varying technical demands that different surfaces and pigments may require.

Studio cost is currently €50 per hour plus vat, minimum booking is one hour.

Best regards, Dickon Whitehead

For any questions or to book your session call (087)2359879.